Keep teachers teaching and children learning

SchoolWork App was built to help teachers get personalised learning resources home to children during the Covid-19 "lockdown".

The app is designed to be incredibly user-friendly: simple for parents, easy for teachers.

Take a whistle-stop tour with our 90-second video...

Simple for Parents...

Our aim has been to make SchoolWork App as simple as possible. It's quick and easy for parents and guardians to get started.

  • Select a class, start learning

    Parents do not need to register to access resources. Simply select a class, click go and start learning.

  • Weekly schedule

    Weekly learning resources are automatically released each Saturday. Parents can access resources from the previous week for a further 7-days.

  • Mobile friendly

    SchoolWork App is designed to work on mobile phones and tablet devices (we know that not everyone has a computer or laptop at home).

A picture of an iPhone showing the SchoolWork App on the 'Class Select' page

...Easy for Teachers

We've made SchoolWork App as simple as possible for teachers too. Once your school is on-board, log-in and start uploading.

  • Drag-and-drop uploads

    Simply drag-and-drop PDFs and Audio files. Upload to one class at a time, or multiple classes in one go. Adding YouTube videos and links to other sites is really easy too.

  • Virus scanning

    All documents are scanned with anti-virus software before they are made available for download.

  • Insights

    SchoolWork App provides in-app analytics. Staff can see how many times a learning resource has been downloaded, and can see how many resources have been uploaded for each class, each week. You can spot gaps at a glance!

A picture of a Macbook showing the SchoolWork App 'Upload' page

I’ve just been onto the school website and all I can say is WOW! It looks amazing and very easy to use.

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Feedback received by
St John's Primary School

Ready to get started?

SchoolWork App is available on a subscription basis.
The commitment is monthly so you’re not tied in long-term.

What's included

  • Unlimited classes

  • Cloud hosting

  • Unlimited resources

  • All maintenance and upgrades

  • Unlimited staff accounts

  • Access to new features as we add them

£ 250.00 +VAT
per month

Call us on 01227689009.

Can't afford the subscription?
We may be able to help.

Frequently asked questions

Why have you built this app?

Covid-19 meant that a lot of upcoming projects were postponed or cancelled. With some time on our hands we wanted to build something that might help (if only in a small way).

With schools closed and a primary teacher in the family this seemed like a problem we could help with.

We built the app for St John's Primary School in Canterbury (they love it!) and we hope that other schools might find it useful too.

Why are you charging for this app?

We want to help as many schools as possible but we need to cover costs (and earn a living) to help our little business through the Coronovirus crisis.

If SchoolWork App could help your school but you can't afford the subscription cost, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

What does the monthly subscription cover?

The subscription includes access to the platform itself, all updates, maintenance and hosting. The subscription helps us recover the cost of initial development and enables us to add additional features to the platform in the coming weeks.

What is the minimum commitment?

You commit to a month at a time. Your subscription will renew automatically if you do not cancel. If you wish to cancel please drop us an email up to 7 days before your renewal date.

Can you add X, Y or Z to SchoolWork App?

This is a brand new product and we want it to serve schools, parents and children well. We already have a roadmap of features that we're looking to add in the coming weeks and we welcome your suggestions for new features. We won’t be able to build every feature but if your request has broad appeal we’ll see what we can do.

What file formats does SchoolWork App support?

SchoolWork App allows staff to upload PDF documents as well as audio files. If you add a YouTube link, the video will be embedded within the page.

We chose PDFs as they are supported across a wide range of devices. Parents may not be able to access Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents, whereas most devices can open a PDF.

Audio files are automatically converted to a device friendly format!

Are there any limits on uploads?

Teachers can upload as many learning resources as they like. There is a 10mb limit per-file (larger files may be slow to load for parents/children accessing learning resources on mobile devices) and you can upload as much as 100mb in one go.

Will you train us how to use the system?

We'll ask you to appoint a school coordinator who will act as our point of contact. Our pricing includes a Skype / Zoom training session for your coordinator. This person can then teach others how to use the system.

How does customer support work?

We’ll welcome any support enquiries from a school coordinator, but due to limited capacity we request that they act as a first port of call for any support requests arising from other members of staff in your school.

We ❤️ SchoolWork App! Can we keep using it?

If enough customers love SchoolWork App we'll look into maintaining it beyond the immediate Coronovirus outbreak. We'd love to hear how you're using the platform (and how you might get value from it longer term).